Hi, I checked the songs claim list and noted that this one hadn't been taken yet.

So if I can claim the song Resonance by T.M. Revolution from the anime Soul Eater than that would be great.

Also, if possible, Zessai Bijin from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Sorry if I can only claim one, if that's the case, than I would just like to claim Resonance. :)

Thank you~
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Series: Prince of Tennis
Song - Artist: Futari - Ryoma Echizen (Junko Minagawa)
Song - Artist: Riyuu - Keigo Atobe (Junichi Suwabe)

Series: Full Moon Wo Sagashite
Song - Artist: Myself - Changin' My Life

Series: Death Note
Song - Artist: The World - Nightmare

Thank you ^__^

Claims ^^

May I please claim:

Wild Wind ~ Yasei no Kaze no you ni (Wild Wind ~ Like the Wind in the Wilderness)</b>sung by Hiyama Nobuyuki (as Hiei) and Megumi Ogata (as Kurama) from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho,

and Hohoemi no Bakudan the first opening of Yu Yu Hakusho? Thank You : )
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Both the moderators of this community had their journals deleted. ><;

Meaning it pretty much died, so I might as well just delete my claims and leave.
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(no subject)

Hi! ^^ I would like to claim:

Card Captor Sakura
Tooi Kono Machi De ~ by Kaitani Naomi

Brave Heart ~ by Miyazaki Ayumi (maybe?)

Gensoumaden Saiyuki
For Real ~ by Tokuyama Hidenori

Reason ~ by Fonogenico

Thanks! =D

Fwa! ^^

May I claim:


Title: Haruka Kanata
Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Language: Japanese

Title: Viva Rock
Artist: Orange Range
Language: Japanese (With random English improve)

Thats it so far ^^ Thank you for reading this out! *salutes*
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(no subject)

Hello ^_^ My name is Ashley and I'm new here :) I am a crazed Chobits fan! To anyone who's seen Chobits, I have a question that I really would love to find the answer to! Chii reads those books "The Empty City", where that pink hooded little characterd Atashi is seen, and there's a song that comes on in the background, accompanying what is being narrarated. It sounds very much like a lullaby, like a twinkle. It sounds a lot like a music box, even. Does ANYONE know what this song is called, &/or where to find it? I LOVE it and would really appreciate any sort of tips..Thanks! :]

p.s: Also, does anyone know where I can find the words to the whole book/scene "The Empty City"? I would love to have a copy of the story, if it can be found <3

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I'd like to claim the following songs.

Miho Fujiwara - Flower
Miho Fujiwara - Florescence
AYANA - Kaze no TadoriTsuku Basho
AYANA - Last Regrets

Thanks ♥
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Ok Ok i know Im really slacking but I been working from 2:30pm till 2:30 am if not even more all this week, same as last week, we're in the busiest schedule in my command so ye, I WILL update sometime soon...if I can muster the energy @.@ sorry all.