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Songs of Anime

Claim your Favorite Anime Song!

Anime Songs
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This is where you get to claim songs from an Anime series few simple rules =P

1) HAS to be from an anime if not, well it wouldnt be a anime song now would it? Excepttion is video games yes you can claim songs from a video game as weel.

2) Four claims, there ARE ways you can have more I will say this later

3) Obviously if its claimed well yer out of luck think of others as much as you ALL know theres a million of them @.@

4) yes English addaptions of Anime songs are ok.

5) Ok now for the extra claims, One for each banner and one for each icon.

6) Please state the anime your songs are from and who sings them. If you don't know, just put a question mark or something to indicate that. ^_^;; Also, state if your song is from the English or Japanese version if it's not in both versions.

these are the rules pretty simple I mean shoot a guys is runnign this, has no CHOICE BUT TO BE SIMPLE right?

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Moderator - wesangel